4 Tasty Foods from the Baltic Islands

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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The Baltic islands include islands belonging to Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania. It is the world’s largest archipelago, or land mass of islands. The local cuisine is often based on fish served in many different forms including smoked, pickled and salt-cured.

Meat Dishes

The meat served is usually pork. Lamb is expensive and cows are more often used for dairy products, so pork is served as sausages, ground meatballs or as meat on its own. In Bornholme, Denmark, families tend to eat a main meal at night which will consist of a single course. This will usually involve meat and vegetables. A traditional Danish dish is meatballs made from pork or pork and venison in curry sauce with apple and celery, served with a rice and cucumber salad.


Aland in Finland serves seafood or meaty Scandinavian Baltic herring which can be cooked in a variety of ways. The fish is tasty when it has been marinated in spices. Barbecued fish is also very popular. Finnish people use a lot of wholegrain products and foraged ingredients such as mushrooms and berries. They also catch and cook crayfish fresh from the rivers.

Smoked Trout and Beet Salad

The former Soviet countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have a lot of Russian traditions in their cooking. Traditional Estonian cooking uses different versions of beet salads. One such dish is created using smoked trout salad with marinated beets, greens and fresh horseradish cream.

Ice Cream

Oland in Sweden offers ice cream at Oland’s Glass which is considered one of the best places to buy ice cream. Among the more unusual flavours is salty liquorice. Traditionally ice cream is made using Nordic fruits and berries, natural ingredients and milk from Jersey cows.  For a sweeter flavour, try strawberry sorbet or yogurt ice cream with roasted hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds.

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