Food Tripping in Dallas

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finding a place to celebrate special occasion in Dallas area should never be an overwhelming task. There are many great places to check and treat your loved ones into and one of them is Mattito’s! There’s nothing like original Mexican family recipes to tickle your appetite from their festive menus and lush vintage atmosphere.

This place has been around Dallas for a long time and their food and service has gained popularity for simply doing Tex-Mex food just right.  Check out their full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kids will also love the kiddie menu to cater to little tot’s Mexican food cravings. You can also enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends and enjoy the Happy Hour Time with their strong Margarita mixes!

Many people come to Mattito’s for the ever popular Bob Armstrong Dip which is basically a bowl of cheese, Guacamole, ground beef, salsa, sour cream and just about anything else you can imagine! But you must also try their light salad offerings such as the De Marisco salad with Orange Jalapeno vinaigrette which is perfect for the summer season. Mattito’s offer patrons and diners with airy and large spaces for a comfortable al fresco dining experience. You can enjoy the views outside while enjoying your food at their cool, vintage inspired patios.

Tex-Mex restaurants surely hits anyone who wants great food around Dallas, but there are also times that we crave for steaks and the search for some of the best steak restaurants is on. Texans love great food, so whatever cuisine it is that you’re looking for, you’ll surely find one that will suit your taste buds and your appetite. Steak restaurants Dallas Texas with the best steak menus is as easy as searching for the best restaurants that serves great tasting Tex-Mex menus with friendly staff and warm ambiance.

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