Making dining out fun; 5 things to try

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Are you bored of the food served up by your local restaurant or takeaway? Would you be interested in trying a new and exciting culinary experience? If the answer is yes, then you'll want to check out the dining ideas in this blog post contributed by Bannisters, West Yorkshire's favourite potato snack producing company.

Summer Picnic

For a truly special day out it's well worth gathering family and friends for an indulgent picnic in the park. You could even pack some seasonal fruits or homemade potato salad for sharing on a gorgeous day in the sun.


If you'd rather not be restricted to a single dish then why not ask your local restaurant owner about the possibility of a buffet? Although some of the dishes may not be to your liking, there are bound to be a few surprising treats that really hit the spot.

Barbecue on the Beach

The Australians aren't the only ones who know how to rustle up a good beach barbie. All that it takes is a few hours of sunshine, some meaty or vegetarian bites, shop purchased disposable cooking kit and a strip of sand. You might even be tempted to bring an acoustic guitar for some evening strumming and singing.


It's fair to say that the most enjoyable culinary experiences aren't necessarily the most expensive. Indeed the variety of leaves that can be turned into delicious soups and salads are absolutely free to pick. As are the berries and fruits that can be plucked from the trees and bushes in many rural areas.

Hibachi Cooking

Given the large number of televised cooking shows, it is clear that the public has an interest in the preparation of top quality food. You could take this passion to new extremes by visiting a Hibachi restaurant, where Japanese culinary delights will be prepared before your very eyes.

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