Taipei's Food Varieties

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

While traveling in Taiwan, I come to realized that Taiwanese are very health conscious. They are so particular with their food but one thing I observed, the taste is very light - at times, no salt! It was good for me, I also don't like salty food.

I wanted to share with you the different food Taipei has to offer. These photos are taken at Shillin Night Market. There were so many other food but will share it with you in the succeeding post.


I was so excited to take all the photos and wanted to share with my readers but was afraid for my data roaming cost. If only I have a bb playbook to match with Blackberry phone so I can jot down all the names of these varieties and maybe even the recipe that my friend dictated.




Oh well, better luck next time I guess! Do you love the food?

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  1. my first stop to Taiwan would be shilin market.. :) i want to try their huge chicken chops! :)


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