Cutting Edge Cutlery

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Professional chefs and amateur cooks know that top quality cutlery is an investment that will pay for itself time and time again. When you buy a knife from a top brand such as JA Henckels cutlery you are investing in a quality piece of equipment that will serve you well. A good chef knows each knife in his or her arsenal of kitchen cutlery has a specific purpose and can help to not only make food preparation easier but actually improve both the appearance and the flavor of the dish.


When you are slicing, dicing or mincing food you don’t want to use a dull knife that will mash or flatten the food; crisp, sharp cuts and slices are critical to maintaining flavor and appearance. If you have ever set out to slice a ripe tomato with the wrong knife you are no doubt familiar with the less than pleasant results – a bruised and flattened tomato, spurts of seeds and juice and misshapen slices are the unfortunate outcome. That’s why a good quality tomato knife is a worthwhile investment and a pleasure to use.

Similarly if you are serving steak it’s a wise idea to put a steak knife at every place setting so that friends and family can cut and savor each juicy morsel. Perhaps you’ve been at a party where a cheese plate was proffered but no proper cheese knife was available – it’s almost impossible to slice or spread cheese without a cheese knife so adding a few to your cutlery portfolio is essential. Another critical piece of cutlery is the trusty bread knife which can be used to slice bagels, muffins, can and rolls.

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