Traditional South African cuisine – 5 things to try

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Whilst enjoying a relaxing holiday at one of Cape Portfolios villas, one thing you will have plenty of time to do is sample some traditional South African cuisine. Varied and colourful due to the combination of both indigenous and colonial influences, here are five things we think you should try!



South Africa’s national dish is known to have been around since the 17th century and is a mixture of curried meat and dried fruit topped with a delicious creamy egg sauce. You could say it’s reminiscent of the English Shepherd’s Pie, or perhaps the Greek Mousakka, but really the unique mix of spices make it quite deliciously unique.



This cured meat is given its flavour by being soaked in vinegar and spiced with sugar, coriander, salt and pepper. Popular with many South Africans, it is made from various meats including beef, game and even ostrich and is served in strips. Biltong is big business in South Africa and you’re sure to find plenty of places to sample it!


Boerewors and Pap

Pap is a traditional porridge made from ground maize and is eaten for breakfast with milk and sugar, or with a tomato sauce and Boerewors. These spicy sausages are made with various meats and formed in continuous spirals, but the secret to boerewors lies in the ingredients as they are made using only meat with very few ‘fillers’.



This milk tart has a distinct Dutch feel and is made by pouring a mixture of milk, sugar, flour, eggs and cinnamon into a sweet pastry crust. The flavour is different to that of the traditional English egg tart as a greater quantity of milk is used.



These sweet, sticky, syrup-coated doughnuts are twisted or braided like a plait, deep-fried in oil and then coated in cold sugar syrup. The name comes from a Dutch word and literally means ‘cookie’.


South Africa’s colourful cultural heritage delivers a wonderfully broad range of foods – I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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  1. these are interesting.. I haven't taste even one of these, and a good must-try!


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