Exploring Utah’s Bizarre Attractions in Style

Utah definitely has a lot of attractions to offer tourist and visitors from neighboring states as well as foreign travelers. There many tour operators than can arrange these trips for you but the best way for you and your family to explore these unique sites is to find car rentals, and there’s no other stylish way to it than to rent Subaru Utah cars. To give your family the best vacation ever, have them comfortably settled in your rented Subaru while you go from Salt Lake City to Logan, Utah to see for yourself the world’s undisputed largest flying fish or drive out to Cedar City to find logic on the only landlocked light house!

Americans has a penchant for strange and bizarre things, so these things are always celebrated and appreciated. You’re kids will surely be amazed to see some of the America’s largest watermelons grown in Green River. They even a massive fruit on wheels built to celebrate Green River’s Watermelon Days Festival. Or drive them to Copperton to gape at what was once a small mountain and now popularly known as the Bingham Crater. Copper mining turned it into a deep trench that can occupy at least nine million people! Yes there’s more than just theme parks, ski resorts and other touristy sights in Utah, driving around can give you more surprises that will leave you open-mouthed and gaping in disbelief at their weirdness! So hold off the tourist buses and travel around in style and at your own pace, find a car that you can rent while staying in Utah.

18 thoughts on “Exploring Utah’s Bizarre Attractions in Style

  1. I have never been to Utah, but my husband had. He knows the place and where to visit for sure. Thanks for sharing! I would love to visit the state someday though. Never driven a Subaru before, but I am sure it will still be a good ride.

  2. For sure, there are loads of attraction to see in Utah. And one day, I’ll be able to see the state and especially Grand Canyon, oh. It’s one of my dream place to visit.

  3. Watermelon in green river, that’s interesting.Wish to visit that place to think it is time for holidays. A trip there for a day or two would be nice

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