Forbidden Foods of Muslims

Monday, September 10, 2012

Surely you’ve been seeing foods in the supermarket that are tagged as “Halal”. The question is, do you know what is meant by Halal food?

Needless to say, Catholicism is not the only religion in the Philippines. There is also the Islam and when it comes to food consumption, Muslims only consume foods that are prescribed by their religion.

When we say “Halal”, it refers to food groups or drinks which are considered to be legitimate, allowable or permitted for consumption by everyone in their religion or sect.

How can you easily distinguish halal food in the Philippines? Take note of these food that are considered as harmful or, in Islam term, “haraam”.

  • Blood

  • Pork

  • Meat which came from already dead animal

  • Alcohol

  • Animals that have been beaten

Any food considered to be ‘haraam’ should always be avoided and is strongly restricted.

Why I came up with this post?  Because we had a Pakistani client who came to the Philippines last month and he requested for a halal food. :)

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