Long Holiday Plans

Friday, October 26, 2012

Today is the official start of the semestral break for my kids, I guess your kids as well. They will come back to school on the 6th of November next month. Quite a long break for my kiddos and for sure, they are looking forward for an out-of-town trips. My eldest child Francis said that he wants to go to New York, the next one said Singapore and my youngest - luckily still young to suggest a place! They have wild dreams with wild ideas in mind, but that's nice!

For family traveling in motorcycle, I know its more adventurous but at the same time its more scary and prone to accidents. Make sure that prior to loading your family, you much check if everything is in order. If you need to change, you can try Michelin Pilot Power tires as I heard its more durable and at the same time affordable.

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