The Fight Continues with Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sunday, October 21, 2012

One of the most serious diseases women and some men have to fight for is breast cancer. Given the gravity of this health concern, many people struggle to fight for their lives and holds on to hope that they will win against their diseases. If you will look into statistics, every individual has their fair share of friends, relatives, colleagues and loved ones who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

During the past 10 years, causes and foundations promoting breast cancer awareness have opened up opportunities for education as well as assistance to those who are fighting cancers. And just as quickly as Lance Armstrong gained popularity over his support and fight against cancer, other organizations came up with various events such as Race for the Cure, Climb Against Caner and cancer walks to raise fund and continue to promote, support and research on the fight against cancers of all sorts.

Breast cancer awareness in particular brought on the “Warriors in Pink” and highlighted companies that are committed to increase breast cancer awareness. Many business, companies and even casinos have joined this cause to fight breast cancer. Despite the many gaming company’s reputation for being non-charitable, there are now casinos that have jumped into the bandwagon and are also going “pink” in a worthy cause against breast cancer. Portion of sales on foods, drinks and even a slice of profits from some gaming tables will be donated to cancer research foundations such as the Susan G Komen for the Cure.

It is simply inspiring to hear about more companies, business and even casinos pitching in to join the fight against breast cancer. As our awareness continues to grow, we can expect more corporate fund raising efforts joining this worthy cause and hopefully soon we can see further developments in the fight and research against breast cancer.

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