Tips for Travelling with Kids

Friday, October 26, 2012

Travel with kids should be synonymous with the word “hassle,” for all we adults know, children also loves travelling and going to places. Their curiosity and laughter is truly contagious and you can take advantage of all these fun and enjoyable kiddie qualities while you travel. Of course, you should also consider what your kids will need and what will ruin their mood. For instance, do away with red-eye flights or getting too early or late flights. Bringing in some handy activities such as hand puzzles and coloring books for the tots will be a great idea. And of course, plan your itinerary to accommodate places that will interest your kids and make it more excited about your travels.


This photo was taken in Singapore last year. Noticed their moods? Luckily, our next stop was Universal Studios so expect the expected reactions - jump for joy!

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