Clubbing Holidays in Crete: Malia

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

What’s hotter than Hot Nando’s, topped with Extra Hot Nando’s Sauce, sprinkled with peri peri chillis… straight? Yes, that would be clubbing holidays in Crete.

While the summer heats in Crete are blindin’, that’s not the only thing that will contribute to the sky high temps on Malia holidays. Blue flag beaches, gorgeous female things and man creatures, and plenty of epic events, all fused to form the best clubbing destination in the world.

Malia had a sensational 2012 season. Growing consistently in popularity since the Inbetweeners lads shot their film scenes on the Malia shorelines, everyone who is anyone is hitting the island.

Known for its massive contemporary RnB scene, Malia’s clubs are definitely the most memorable of the Med. The Greeks really know how to throw a party, and certainly where to host one.

From Camelot Club (nestled inside Malia Castle) to the impressively cheeky open-air Banana Club, Malia has spread its wings to incorporate all kinds of music styles. Even the hardcore house fans in your group will be happy, doing their cardboard box moves in the corner of the Candy Club.

The strip will not disappoint, but if you’re hoping to participate in some really shameful shenanigans, your expert club rep is always on hand with their awesome agenda.

Leading clubbing companies take the top spot in the party holiday charts for one simple reason, they know how to help you get the most out of your stay.

Breaks are tailored to the 18-30 scene, including foam parties, neon nights, geek gigs and an enormous selection of daytime events. Malia is where it’s at.

Check out Malia holidays 2013, give it a Google. 2012 was massive, and 2013 is set to be bigger and better yet. Be there, or, well, don’t. But everyone else will be.

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