Harry Potter Series Movie Marathon

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This month one movie channel has been playing the Harry Potter Series especially during Saturday night, which is just perfect because the kids will have their periodical exams until Friday. A Saturday night of movie marathon will be a wonderful way to relax for them and for the whole family to bond as well. This is one of our ways to just forget all the stresses of the past days. For the kids of course, it’s about their exams and studying for the week, and for my husband and me, it’s all about the deadlines and the pressure of work.

Harry Potter is one of the kids favorite movie series and lucky us because we can watch them one by one from the first installment up to the last part. What we need now however is to have an unlimited supply of popping corn to feed our popcorn maker. My husband the boys are great popcorn eaters and they can finish one whole bucket even before one movie starts! Good thing I found popcorn supplies such as cheese and barbeque power along with good quality popping corn from an online store recently. I don’t have to scour every grocery store for our popcorn needs.

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