Davao Trips in January 2012

Friday, February 08, 2013

I went to Davao twice on January. First was with my big bosses - 2 Germans to look for a store space as we are planning to expand for Mindanao. We opened our Visayas branch in Cebu City last October. Hopefully before this month ends, the Davao branch will be up and running! Hopefully!

We stayed at the Waterfront Insular Hotel for 3 nights. But on our first day, we already found the right store for us. Its in the crossing of D. Suazo and Lapu Lapu Sts. Do you know that street? Any flooding history in that place? I asked a few individuals including the previous tenant but so far everyone mentioned "safe from flooding". Hopefully..

Few days after, I came back again and now staying at North Zen Hotel at Sobrecary Street, just a few steps from the store. The full reviews and photos of these hotels will follow. Honestly, I haven't uploaded the photos yet. Too lazy or too busy yet!

Talking about laziness?  Now ending this short post as I am already lazy.. oh well.. needs inspiration! Beer please..

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