How to Decorate Cakes

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Cake decorating is one of the sugary arts that will not fail to amaze one’s eye. If you are an aspirant baker who likes to decorate tasty cakes, check the following tips:

  • For the flat top, flip the cake and use the flat bottom. Decorate as you please.

  • Create S-shape swirls with the use of a teaspoon.

  • Decorate cakes to cover up spotty icing by piping large and small dots.

  • Add a simple silky texture and sheen appearance with butter cream frosting.

  • Sprinkle cakes with goodies.

Adornment will give the cakes a finishing touch. It will just require creativity and skills to come up with an attractive culinary creation.

I am a frustrated baker, really like to do it, but not enough time!

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