Home Sweet Home

Monday, March 04, 2013

Its nice to be back home! We left on Sunday February 24 via China Southern Airlines for Canton / Guangzhou. There were some problems initially but it turned out well after a few days. Things happen for a reason.

Anyway, we started our journey without the big boss but he came 2 days after. The D.PES Digital Printers and Engravers and Signage Expo is relatively small compared to the next Sign China Expo. We were not supposed to extend our stay but due to the recommendation of another sticker supplier, we extended for 2 more days. It was costly to extend as we needed to pay more on hotel bills and also ticket extension - but it was worth every penny! It was really huge! We got what we needed the most!

I will make a separate post about our hotels, foods and others. I just want to say for now " Home Sweet Home".


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