Romantic Trips Around the Greek Islands

Monday, April 22, 2013

Greek islands

When looking for somewhere to enjoy a romantic get away a trip around the Greek islands is a fantastic option. Not only will travellers have the opportunity to enjoy the delights of the Mediterranean culture and cuisine, they will also the chance to see some fantastic sights and take advantage of the wonderful climate. Here are some ideas for those who are considering a cruise around the Greek islands.

The Greek Islands

Although there are thousands of Greek islands, the exact number depends on the size of the islands taken into account. Only approximately two hundred of these islands are inhabited so many remain largely unexplored. This gives holidaymakers a fantastic choice of islands to visit, each offering their own individual experience to tourists. Some of the better known islands include Kos, Cyclades, Crete, Corfu and Cyprus.

Greek Cruises

A cruise is an great way to explore several of the Greek islands during one holiday. An ideal way to travel, you can enjoy the luxury of all the facilities that are offered on board while also being able to absorb the local culture. You will also get to spend time at several of the islands during your cruise. When visiting each of the islands you will discover the differences between them and be able to absorb the unique history of each of the islands. Some of the islands are very tourist orientated with lots of activities, shopping areas and restaurants. These islands offer couples on a romantic trip the chance to share a candlelight dinner, adventurous activities and late nights together. Other islands are predominantly untouched and provide couples with the ideal opportunity to enjoy each others company in a relaxing atmosphere.

Booking a Romantic Trip

There are lots of different companies offering great deals on romantic trips around the Greek islands. Each of these has something different to offer depending on your budget, personal preferences and your expectations of the holiday. Azamara Club Cruises offer fantastic Greek cruiseswhich take in the Mediterranean and Black Sea as well as the Greek islands. You can enjoy the numerous Greek ports and the historic white-washed villages, not to mention the on-shore excursions arranged by this travel company. Seafarer Cruises also offer some fantastic cruises around the Greek islands and they pride themselves on offering tourists a historical and cultural experience of this part of the world. These cruises are given on large yachts giving a more intimate experience. The Co-operative Travel is another company worth considering and they specialise in honeymoon trips.

The Greek islands are a wonderful destination to enjoy a romantic trip. They combine history and culture with beautiful scenery and the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities. For those looking for a little luxury in their romantic holiday a cruise is the ideal choice.

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