No Time for Tea: Active Activities to Pursue in London

Saturday, June 15, 2013

London is the cultural centre of England and you will find no shortage of historic buildings and art galleries to visit here. London is also great for exercise and outdoor activities and you will soon discover that getting to and from the different sites in the city will be an event all in itself.


Taking one of London’s iconic red double-decker buses to get around the different attractions is something of a given for people who visit the city, but your feet can serve you equally as well. There are two ways to walk between the sites in London; one is to pick up a self guided walking tour map that will get you from Westminster Abbey right through to St. Pauls Cathedral and the various palaces.

The alternative is to take one of the many guided walking tours such as the Harry Potter walk, the Beatles walk or the London pub walk through the London Walks company. Another option is the Jack the Ripper tour offered by the Jack the Ripper Walk Company.


As a multicultural country, the capital of England has a multitude of different dance venues that cater for those looking to learn anything from Indian Bhangra to Salsa, while indie rock is pumping out of clubs throughout most of the week.

Dancing is a great way to stay fit and healthy, and while it may not seem very exhausting, ballroom dancing can in fact help you burn more than 200 calories an hour - imagine how much you’ll burn dancing in your favourite club! For a list of the best clubs of the moment in London check the city guides in your hotel such as TimeOut London.


If navigating the bustling streets of London on foot seems a daunting prospect, visitors to the city can instead choose to cycle. You can go about this in two different ways, either by renting a bike yourself or sign on for a bike tour around the city. Tours with the London Bicycle Tour Company include night tours, West-End tours of the famous sites such as Big Ben and Hyde Park and an Olympic tour which stops at the 2012 Olympic venues.

Cycling around the sites is a great way to explore London while exercising at the same time. London’s city centre is home to many royal parks which are enormous sites that you can cycle around in your own time, while enjoying the peaceful ambience away from the city. Picking up the bicycle itself is inexpensive, much the same as the cheapflights you can get to fly to London.

Olympic Park

The 2012 Olympics has had a great impact on sport in London giving it a massive boost. The various sites and stadia are now open for the public meaning you can have a look around or watch another sporting event. If you are interested in taking part yourself, have a look at venues page for information about upcoming events and public openings, so you have a chance to take part or at the very least watch the sport you’re passionate about.

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