Saving the world, one bag at a time

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Saving the world, one bag at a time


When it comes to going green, many people start thinking about saving fuel or using less energy around the house. While those are all good ways to reduce the amount of waste that harms the planet, there is another simple way to go green, which starts at the grocery store. The amount of waste that comes from plastic bags that are used to store all the items that you buy is something that not many people think about. Before you use those plastic bags that the store provides, think about getting custom recycled bags, to carry the stuff that you purchase from them.

You will be surprised at the amount of good that you alone will be doing for the world, just by doing something so simple. Every single plastic bag that isn’t used means that less oil will be used to produce the bags. In turn that also means that you will be directly responsible for less toxic fumes that are produced during the manufacturing of those bags. You might also influence your neighbors or friends to start using recycled bags, which will be a great domino effect that will make our planet greener in the long run.

Another product that is often overlooked is paper, in today’s electronic world, paper has lost its value and is often thought of as waste, as most items like pamphlets are discarded the time we receive them. However, there are items that we use which are made from paper like place cards on the dining table, which can be made from great seed paper instead of regular paper to save the planet. Using recycled paper has been known to be good for the world, as it reduces the amount of trees that are being used in the process of making paper.

With that being said, many people will start to actively search for recycled paper to use in their everyday lives, but recycled paper alone only cuts down on the amount of trees being used. The great thing about seed paper is that after they have been used, they will actively go back to nature once they are planted. This makes a great gift, as people will be able to use this paper not only as an invitation, but as an extended gift which gives back to the world once the message has been delivered. Don’t wait another day to use seed paper and start planting them once they have been used to make your house a little greener.

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