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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Go wherever you want with an UTV. Unlike an ATV that only carries one rider and has no cargo space, a UTV can cart around several people and your gear. Here are just a few ways that a UTV will come in handy when you’re ready for an adventure.

Heading to the Back 40
UTVs are the vehicle of choice for farmers and ranchers because they are so versatile. When you need to go to the far reaches of your ranch to repair fencing or address another problem, you may need to take supplies and a partner with you. Rather than driving your good truck over the rough terrain, you can load what you need in the UTV and head out.

Camping in the Wilderness
Campgrounds are great if you want the convenience of plumbing and electricity, but some people want the full experience of camping without modern conveniences. With the UTV, you can load up your gear and then head off into the great unknown with your family.

They’re Fun
Just as ATVs are fun, UTVs are also a blast. You can load up a few friends and go hit the track where you can all enjoy the action. The biggest challenge you’ll face then is deciding who drives next. With the availability of great UTV accessories like special doors and tires, you can also customize your UTV and make it even more amazing.

There are several ways to use your UTV, and you will never grow tired of having one. Versatile enough to be used for work and play, it’s a smart investment that can be used in countless applications.

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