5 Tips to Spend Your Money Wisely Whilst on Vacation

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

School breaks are special time for a short family adventure to some unfamiliar destination. Vacations calls for much excitement and enjoyment for the whole gang, but with the rising costs of gas, food and day to day living, some families can hardly cope and plan on some relaxation that they desperately need. This should not be the case. Here are some tips to help you have the fun and adventure you crave without breaking your family budget while on vacation.

Plan, plan, plan

Months before you travel, it is advisable to do in dept research first on the destination you have in mind. Have a specific budget for the airfare, the accommodations, dining expenses, tours and activities. Have something extra for souvenirs and other expenses. Compare prices on different online booking sites and see where you can save the most. Booking early can yield huge discounts on airfare and hotel costs, but don’t forget about last minute bookings which can also become very cheap!

Grow your Travel Fund

If you want to experience a luxury or grand family vacation, you have to put in more effort in saving for it. Cut off all unnecessary expense and try and do a credit card transfer to effectively save on interest, finance charges and other fees on different cards. Save on your utility consumption or hold a garage sale to get something for things that you no longer need.


When you’ve exhausted all efforts and came up with a set budget, consider getting a house or an apartment instead of a hotel during your vacation. With a kitchen and dining area, you can save on dining expense as you can purchase and prepare your own food. Choose one that is accessible to different transportation venues such as the train or the bus stop. Check if there are nearby grocery stores or laundry shops so save even more. Or you can get a better online bank account that offers deals for online booking and travel-related expenses.

Learn to Commute

Trying out public transportation at a foreign land can be both scary and exciting. If you will be exploring the city, you might want to try doing it on foot or try out the subway, the tram or the buses that ply the city. If you have a big group, you can also find deals on car rentals to save more on your travel and transport expense.

DIY Itinerary

While choosing a package tour for the family seem encouraging, why not try doing your own itinerary this time. Explore at your own pace and choose only those sights and places that take you fancy and interest. This way you don’t have to pay for the services of a guide and save on entrance fees especially on places you don’t really want to visit.

While on family vacation, you can take full advantage of student’s discount or your parents’ senior citizen status. Some restaurants also offer kiddie meals and treats. You can also get deals where kids can eat for free and discounts up to 20% on food and other purchases for those with senior citizen IDs. There are so many ways for you and your family to enjoy a short break without actually going beyond your budget. Try to explore your financial options and you might be surprised with your secret spending power!




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