Dinner Date at Izakaya Japanese Restaurant

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hubby invited me for dinner last night. We sneaked out of the house quietly so the kids will not make a fuss. One kid noticed us and we told him that we will just go for a walk. Off we went to the Japanese Resto at Molino Blvd.

Salmon sashimi is my favorite among Japanese food. Maybe even my ultimate fave among all the food. I simply love the freshest catch of salmon. Yummy! Every time I go for buffet food, I always stuffed my plate with this. :) 

Side View of the Salmon. Just to document all angles, so when I am craving for this, I should just look at this post. Price is Php 200.00

Another favorite : California Maki (Php 200.00) I guess this is the most popular Maki. 

and Ramen. (Php 200.00)

and last, the happy ME getting ready for my first munch! I look so bland - no makeup whatsoever! 

We spent around Php 800.00. Not bad for the price! 

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