Travelling to Cebu for a Business Trip

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gosh, its been a while since I last posted an article here. My apologies dear readers, I was just so busy at work. There were plenty of documents, files and issues to attend to.Besides, I haven't been out of Cavite/Metro Manila yet. After several months, this is my first time to go out of NAIA airport.

Anyway, I am leaving tomorrow for Cebu at 6:00 AM for a series of meetings, interviews at the same time store checks. I am happy that one of our previous business has risen - hopefully, it will blossom as it was before. It used to be our bread and butter business. Do you know what kind of business? Its maybe new to your ear but we trade waste paper from Europe and Asia to South East Asian Mills. Heard about that before? I guess not - oh well, in our local language - we buy baled  old cartons or to make it simple - we buy your "basura" (old brown cartons) but on a bigger scale. We buy in containers and big tonnages - say 500 MT to 1,000 MT per contract. So if you are familiar in this business and knows a company, please message me here. Would appreciate it.

Good luck for all of us! Everything seems to be on the right track!


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