Discover the Unique and Beautiful Galapagos Islands

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Discover the Unique and Beautiful Galapagos Islands
Anyone looking to vacation in an island paradise that offers a little of everything is sure to find the Galapago Islands a destination worth investigating. Not only do the islands offer tropical weather, beautiful beaches and quality hotels, but interesting and unique wildlife species are native to the islands. One of the most enjoyable ways to take in all the sights the islands have to offer is by booking one of the multiple Galapagos tours that are available. A guided tour aboard a yacht or small ship is the most efficient and enjoyable way to view all the islands while learning about their unique characteristics and native wildlife.

A short description of a typical tour includes Black Turtle Cove, a lagoon off the north coastline of Santa Cruz Island. Visiting tourists will enter the cove in a small boat to view Green Sea Turtles, schools of Golden Rays and White-tipped Sharks in the clear, tropical water. Yellow Warblers, Lava Herons and various other bird species that are unique to the islands can also be seen at close range. Professional guides provide interesting facts about each species as the tour progresses around the lagoon.

After a few hours of enjoying the incomparable beauty of the cove, visitors return to the anchored boat and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal and cool drinks. The boat remains anchored until early morning when it sets sail for Sullivan Bay and another day of enjoying new sights and experiences.

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