Must-Try Filipino Cuisines

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Filipino cuisines are delicious and yummy. With the mouth-watering appeal and spices on it, it will surely leave your taste buds satisfied. If you are new or already into Filipino food, then let’s just do a brief recap to excite your senses.

·         Silog. The silogs are mainly composed of fried rice and egg. This meal becomes more exciting as other dishes are mixed in such as hotdog, corned beef, and tapa. For every combination, a new term is now given such as hotsilog, cornsilog, and tapsilog.
·         Lechon. Who will not crave for the national dish of the Filipino? Lechon is without a doubt tasty and flavorful especially its crispy and flavorful skin
·         Adobo. This dish may seem common to every household. However, your food experience can be more exciting if you add a twist on it. You can either have it sweet or spicy.
Without a doubt, Filipino cuisines are rich and truly amazing. In every bite, it will excite and satisfy your taste buds.

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