Things to Look for When Buying Yacht Appliances

Monday, January 19, 2015

When looking to buy appliances, consumers are encouraged to use the same skills they would if they were shopping for a home or business. While most skippers will certainly want to avoid carrying too much heavy equipment with them, they'll still want to be sure that they have all of the conveniences of home. A few different options are available to those who own a yacht, and considering them carefully will help when it comes to actually loading equipment onboard.

Titanium Appliances

Individuals who need to carry all of the conveniences of home with them will certainly want to look at titanium appliances. They might weigh less than standard ones, and will certainly hold up to more abuse. Many of them come with everything needed to perform a task without purchasing additional equipment. For instance, MMI Marine was recently offering a 24-inch titanium washer with an internal water heater.

Mounting Brackets

Some types of equipment can be mounted in place, which really helps when encountering choppy waters. Universal rail mounts are an excellent way to hold up grills, and they can even be installed on a bulkhead top. While not all appliances can mount in place, it's a good idea to invest a bit more in those that can.

Compact Designs

Appliances made to fit inside of rooms should generally be compact. Classic head-mount microwaves, for instance, are a great way to save space in interior areas. Some yacht appliances come rated for marine use, but in other situations regular home and office appliances might work just as well.

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