Cutting in the Kitchen

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

If you're looking for a gift to give someone, then consider cutlery sets. There are many kinds of knives that can be used in the kitchen, and most sets that you get in retail stores have all of the knives that you need in a butcher block. You can give the a set for a holiday present, anniversary gift or when someone moves into a new home.

Most sets will have the smaller knives at the front of the block and the larger knives at the back. The larger knives will probably include a bread knife that has a serrated edge, a butcher knife in order to cut large pieces of meat and possibly a cleaver for bones that need to be cut. A paring knife is one that is for delicate cutting. This might be for slicing tomatoes and other vegetables as well as fruits that you only want small slices from. There are utility knives that are specific for cutting meat for sandwiches or blocks of cheese. This is a kind of knife that is commonly used in cutting the smaller ingredients that you cook with. If you eat a lot of fish or thin meats, then a filet knife would be something you want in the kitchen.

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