Laiya, Batangas: Your Perfect Beach Escape

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Located just 3 hours away from Metro Manila, Laiya, Batangas offers weary urban dwellers the perfect beach escape on any given day. For many years, beach resorts in Laiya have been a favorite destination to recharge and unwind because of its long coastline and amazing underwater views.

We drove from Bacoor, Cavite at around 8 am and arrived at around 1 pm because we had several stop overs for our breakfast and lunch.

Kids with their friends

Some find it hard to believe that despite its nearness to the Metro, Laiya is like a different world with exciting activities that will bring travelers closer to nature. Daily boat rides can take vacationers off shore for spectacular beach views as well as impressive vistas of the sunset. Occasionally, you may also catch a glimpse of dolphins, sea turtles and whale sharks during your boat ride.

Boat Ride

The endangered sea turtles has also found a haven in Laiya as they can be seen laying their eggs along its long sandy coastlines. The local government has enforced strict rules to ensure that they are protected in their nesting areas. This is also one of the main attractions that draw tourists to visit Laiya, Batangas especially during the hatching season of the sea turtles.

Kids while on stop over (island hopping)

Apart from the wonderful offerings that beaches in Laiya offers, you should never miss out on the opportunity to explore its underwater sanctuaries. Laiya has one of the richest and most diverse marine wildlife in the country. Vibrant corals and colorful fish species underneath the crystal clear waters will make the most of your diving experience in Batangas.

If you plan to

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