Family Fun on a Ski and Snowboard Vacation

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Living on a tropical country makes one wonder when they can experience snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding. It sure looks like an adrenaline pumping activity that will keep everyone talking for years to come even if they have experienced it just once. So if you’re planning for a major vacation for the whole family, ski travel and snowboarding seems like the best option for those who wants a change of scene from the beaches and crystal waters that tropical paradise islands offer.

A grand snowboard vacation resort can easily keep everybody entertained if well planned and researched before the trip. One must remember that not all ski travel and snowboard destinations are fit for beginners or kids. So it’s best to find one that is kid-friendly and family-oriented to avoid scaring first timers and make the trip memorable for everyone.

Ski Travels For the Whole Family

Searching the web will yield hundreds of ski travel destinations around the world that promotes themselves as the best place to learn to ski. When comparing these resorts, consider the convenience offered of transportation to a learning hill. You may also bargain for packages that include full day use of gears and clothing plus an hour or two of lessons for your group of newbies. These are not usually advertised by some resorts but you can always ask for its availability and arrange it before you arrive.

Ski and snowboard vacations can come with different sorts of accommodation package too. You can choose one that you can tailor fit to your family’s needs coupled with easy processes of check-ins, outfitting and transportation to learning hills for the lessons. Don’t be surprised if you notice photographers as these will be the ones to catch your family’s first ski travel experience. Many ski and snowboard vacation destinations make sure that their guests are spoiled and pampered because they know that people will not come back to them if there are unpleasant experiences there.

Accommodation Perks for the Family

Yes, there are actually ski travel resorts that have perks for families checking into them. You can find free children lift tickets for every adult purchase you have and depending on their age brackets, kids may also stay for free with their parents! You can also take advantage of multi-day lessons and upgrades for you to level up on your skiing and snowboarding progress.

Ski travel resorts may also offer condominium or apartment type of accommodations ideal for families and big groups. Check out resorts with slope-side condos with dining areas, kitchen and two to three available rooms. If they don’t have these, your best option would be a suite with a kitchenette to help you save up on meal expenses.

Hotels with pools and gyms are also ideal choices for a family vacation. Ski and snowboard vacation destinations usually have these areas for those who want to stay behind or to wind down after a day of being out in the snow. But whatever type of accommodations you choose, it will be better if you can bargain for a free shuttle service that can take your group from your lodgings to the learning slopes.

Having kids and children tagging along on your ski travel and snowboard vacations requires lots of planning and making reservations ahead of time. Go for resorts that combine ski and snowboarding fun with play and kiddie programs. There are bound to be long list of family-oriented resorts you can check out online. Be sure to read their programs, services and activities that are child-friendly and can cater to what your family needs.

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