Hotel Review: New Stay Inn in Taipei

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Travellers often set a criteria before going to places on their vacation or delightful escapade. For me, affordability and accessibility are my primary concern in choosing a hotel. If you are headed to Taipei, Taiwan, one of the accommodation rentals that you should consider is the New Stay Inn Taipei.

The Perks

The holidays spent together with family or friends are meant to be worthwhile and problem-free. With this, the New Stay Inn in Taipei can lessen up your worries when accommodation is concerned.

  • The inn is accessible to transit, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Taiwan Museum, and to the shopping districts. With this, there is no reason for you and your family to get bored.

  • Modern rooms. This inn is furnished with sophisticated furniture and entertainment. In fact, you can enjoy watching your favorite series or movie in their 42-inch flat-screen cable TV. Also, Wi-Fi access is free. As for the facilities, the rooms are equipped with air condition, carpet floor, and shower facility. Don't let the kids change the channel without your supervisio

  • Friendly and English-efficient tour desk. The desk staff is efficient in English. So, you will not have to worry communicating with them. They are also very helpful and always willing to lend a hand when needed.

Spacious sitting area

Front Desk
Friendly English speaking staff

Comfy Beds
We booked for 3 persons. It comes with clean and crisp bed sheets.

Free Water Everyday
Free bottled water everyday.



The Downsides

  • New Stay Inn is not a five-star accommodation to stay in. So manage your expectation!

  • The building facade is pretty old - I guess it is for renovation soon. I was not delighted to see the building at first. Its kind of old and creepy but the 5th Floor which housed New Stay Inn is of different state. Its spacious, clean and organized.

  • If you are traveling with kids, don't let them change the channel without your supervision. There are channel showing x-rated films.

  • The hotel doesn't offer food. As a matter of fact, its downside is its unavailability of built-in eateries. No coffee shop or restaurant within the building.  However, you can still delight your taste buds with cuisines in the nearby food shops. Its just walking distance.

  • The whole building is not just for New Stay Inn Hotel - 4th Floor is Hope Hotel. We also stayed here for 3 hours to rest since our flight was late at night. Check out time in New Stay Inn Hotel is at 12:00 noontime. And our flight back to Manila was close to midnight. We were so tired that we stayed for 3 hours in Hope Hotel (short time). I guess this is a love hotel since they are offering short time.

Hotel's Facade (old and creepy right?)

That is the entrace of the hotel. The elevator is the right side of the entrance. Every floor is managed by different hotel. New Stay Inn is at the 5th floor.

Finally, the Verdict!

Overall, the New Stay Inn is one good place to stay with despite its downside. Its perks surpass that of the disadvantages. Given a chance to go back to Taipei again, I would still choose New Stay Inn Hotel of its affordability and accessibility to public transport. The hotel is near Taipei Main Station which is the heart and soul of Taiwan's excellent transport system.

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