5 Things Need to Do Before You Leave Newport Beach

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Once you settle into your Newport Beach motel, you'll absolutely want to take advantage of the many opportunities that await you in this beautiful coastal city. While many things can easily occupy your time during your stay here, there are some definite must-do things you need to cross off your list before leaving Newport Beach.

Shop and Dine at Fashion Island

From charming boutiques to bountiful farmers' markets, there's much to be discovered at Fashion Island. Accented by palm trees and fountains, this shopping and dining center has a little something for everyone.

Embrace Nature at Crystal Cove State Park

Encompassing more than 3 miles of coastline, this picturesque park provides plenty of opportunities to become one with nature. In addition to hiking and biking trails, the park is also a perfect place to fish, scuba dive, have a picnic, or go horseback riding.

Enjoy Yourself at Balboa Fun Zone

This popular destination is home to an assortment of attractions, including Fish Pipe, Ocean Motion, and Burt the Bull Shark. Food, games, and other amusement amenities can also be found here. Cap off your day here by heading to the restaurant in the Balboa Pavilion, which also offers an amazing view of the adjacent waters.

Stroll the Newport Pier

Treat yourself to an unforgettable view that includes Huntington Beach and the the Balboa Pier while biking the lengthy trail that nearly extends along the entire peninsula. Parking is limited, but that's just a good excuse to take a casual stroll along the pier. If you're up for something more stimulating, rent a boat or do some surfing off the jetty.

Explore Orange County Museum of Art

Get your culture on and take a visit to this captivating local museum while staying in Newport Beach. Housing more than 3,000 unique objects, the Orange County Museum of Art presents several truly fascinating, and sometimes wonderfully strange, exhibits and engaging displays throughout the year. You'll be greeted by knowledgeable guides more than willing to answer questions and show you all the collections.

Should you need some help putting together your Newport Beach agenda, you'll likely find some locals who will be more than willing to offer suggestions. Just don't forget to share your pics and fun vacation stories with your friends -- and maybe you'll even convince some of them to plan their own trip to Newport Beach.

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