Where to Stay in Vientiane: Sengtawan Riverside Hotel

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Every vacationist looks for an impressive and satisfying accommodation, not only for its affordability but more important is what the hotel can offer for the purpose of your travel - be it for business or just plain pleasure!  For us, its always a mixture of both! We don't really travel just for pleasure or vacation, there is always a bit of business! At least we assumed it to be.. for instance this Vientiane trip! Lets say, its more of a getaway! lol

If you plan to feast on the destination spots of Ventiane, Laos and spend days and weeks at the place, you might need one. So here is a review on the famous Sengtawan Riverside Hotel, one of the accommodations you can find in town.

Good to Perfect Location

From the hotel nestled in Ban Sithan Nuean, Ventiane, Laos, you can overlook the Mekong Riverside— a view to behold! Mekong River is just infront of your nose! The long stretch of the river is a sight to behold!  Its the perfect hotel for a laid back Vientiane. There are also street restaurants nearby, spots you can pay a visit when hunger pangs strike. Lastly, the location is just right to destination spots in Ventiane, Laos.

The Amenities

The fully furnished 68-room hotel is equipped with amenities such as wifi, cable TV, free refrigerators and more— all to satisfy a vacationist need for comfort. Don't expect a swimming pool though. In addition to this, they offer a free airport shuttle.

Breakfast Meal Included

One good point the hotel has to offer is the inclusion of breakfast meal. So, no need to rush outside the inn to fill your tummy. But the mere fact that you will be filling your tummy in the gorgeous restaurant overlooking Mekong River is exceptionally awesome! It really it is! Trust me on this, the breakfast buffet table

The Drawbacks

As the hotel is settled near the street restaurants, it could be noisy at times and some might find it inconvenient. It may woke you up in the midst of the night. But other than that, I cannot think of any other drawbacks.

The Verdict

Despite the drawback, the perks stand out. I wouldn't even consider it as drawback. The hotel is pretty neat and quiet in my 4 days stay in this hotel. The long stretch of restaurants are really a sight of its own, they serve all kinds of food!  Check the hotel and leave a comment here :)

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