Tiny Homes Need Their Own Parks

Thursday, December 08, 2016

All the rage since the movement started in 2011 are the thousands of tiny homes that can be as small as under 100 square feet but are usually no more than 400 square feet. Most of these “houses” are on wheels so are meant to travel anywhere you want to go and become part of a lifestyle option or a new way of life even if they are only used during vacation times and long holiday weekends. You just drive your “home” as you travel for pleasure or business. It is a vehicle for low-budget travel that allows you to spend money on exciting sights rather than lodging.

Those tiny compact structures are ideal for a growing segment of the population who need and want something economical. That includes retired senior citizens who are free to travel as much as they like, college students, and also for those families who love to get away and explore the countryside in many different areas.

RV parks and campgrounds may not welcome these “newfangled contraptions”, so they need their own haven and special spaces to park. That is why 4Fun Parks decided to build the tiny home park Austin Tx as their first well-planned site that will serve tiny homeowners exclusively.

Visitors for a short getaway or a longer stay will have cost-effective accommodations, amenities, and a variety of recreational opportunities to take advantage of multiple ways to occupy leisure time. The “fun park” atmosphere is perfect for affordable family vacations or as a stop-over or rest stop when traveling.

Tiny homes are amazing in their variety, structure, price, luxuriousness, and accommodations. They all force the owners to adopt a much simpler lifestyle, but they are designed to have all the necessities tucked into them in ingenious ways. Propane tanks can be used for heating and power, or some units can be plugged into a power source or run off solar or wind.

One style comes fully furnished with tiny furniture. Some even have a modular design in case you want to combine more than one. One with only 112 square feet and for the reasonable price of just $12,000 has a cathedral ceiling that peaks at almost 10 feet for a tall person!

Enjoy your adventures and entertainment both in your tiny house and in a fun park especially designed to meet the needs of these unique travel opportunities.

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