Hijo Plantation : Eco-Agricultural Tourism Destination in Tagum City

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A temporary haven that is away from metropolis can be quite splendid. It gives you the peace of mind and the opportunity to see beyond the demanding life. In this regard, the Hijo Plantation in Tagum City can be your passing abode in times of great escape.

The Banana Beach Resort is owned by the Hijo Estate Resorts. As a matter of fact, it is the only eco-agricultural tourism destination in the country because it is situated in the 760-hectare banana plantation. Yet, it has top-notch amenities!  Visiting the place is just an hour drive from Davao City.

Accommodation and Amenities
The casitas are inspired with traditional Philippine architecture. It gives you the feel of “bahay-kubo” that perfectly vibes with the surroundings. Despite the native inspiration, modern amenities can be experienced such as the swimming pool, comfortable furnishings, and air conditioned rooms. Another bonus to this is the black sand beach outside!

Activities and Experiences
You can treasure golden moments while at the resort. Enjoy fishing, banana boat ride, jet ski, skim boarding, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

There are no other establishments that sell food in the area. With this, you might find the menu a little bit expensive. There are also some instances that food serving is not satisfying, but will do nonetheless.

The Finishing
The Hijo Plantation in Tagum is indeed one of a kind destination. It is unique with superb features that offer a distinct way to relax. Enjoy!

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