Quality Father and Son Time

Sunday, December 10, 2017

People of all ages and interests love to travel. This makes a vacation the perfect father and son activity. These special adventures are ideal for reconnecting and making new memories together. The first step in creating a successful outing is choosing something you both enjoy. Use the following suggestions to get you started.

The Outdoorsmen

The great outdoors provides you with plenty of vacationing opportunities. Do you both love adventure? You can head towards the Hatfield and McCoy Trails for several days of riding ATVs through the beautiful countryside. These paths range in skill levels from the beginner to the most experienced. If hunting is more your style, book guided deer hunting trips with Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge in South Carolina. Surfers will want to head towards the West Coast while hikers can explore the mountain ranges along the eastern border.

The Thrill Seeker

Nothing is better than a theme park full of rides for the father and son thrill seekers. In the southern portion of the country you can head toward Orlando. Here you will find the amazing rides of Universal Studios Resort to be a test of nerves. At Walt Disney World you can explore four theme parks and two water parks that are packed with rides that challenge all of your senses. Northern folks won’t want to miss Cedar Point with some of the most thrilling roller coasters in existence.

The History Buff

Those that love connecting with their past will find this country to be full of historical sites and museums. Living history museums such as Colonial Williamsburg offer a unique opportunity to see firsthand what our ancestors experienced. Places like Washington D.C. and New England also allow one a glimpse into the past. No matter where you go in the East, you are bound to find museums dedicated to the Revolutionary or Civil War, and out West you can explore the wonders those early pioneers bravely traveled to.

Now that you have a destination and activity in mind, you can begin reconnecting by spending time planning the details together. Planning ahead helps you avoid disaster as well as build anticipation for the upcoming vacation. Enjoy every moment from the first reservation you make until the last photo is put in the family album.

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