Off Road Accessories

Friday, April 13, 2018

Off road vehicle accessories have important uses. The latest special gear, equipment, and tools  especially for off road from the best manufacturers, mostly in the USA, are presented at product demonstrations. You can try them out, test things in your own hands as you learn the proper instructions, and make sure you like them before buying.

Some of the recommended accessories for safety and emergency purposes are these:

MAXSA Innovations Traction Mat

These ramps are invaluable, especially if you need to get unstuck without the aid of another vehicle. You just unfold the ramps and wedge them under the stuck tires to give much-needed grip in sandy, muddy, or snowy conditions.


If an emergency occurs when you are deep in the bush and cannot get reception on your cell phone, you will appreciate your vehicle being equipped with at least a CB radio that includes channel 9  for emergencies, NOAA weather stations, and channel 19 for information.

Fire Extinguisher

Considering the amount of fatal rollovers involving fire, this is self-explanatory. Have one that is B-rated for liquids and C-rated for electrical equipment.

Medical Kit

If a medical emergency were to happen miles from civilization, having at least a regular first-aid kit should be the bare minimum to carry.  Even better would be a full medical kit.

Tool Bag

Extreme terrain can mean broken parts, so have spare parts especially for your vehicle as well as generic items like vise grips, pliers, drivers, wrenches, epoxy, engine oil, a tire-plug kit, wire, rope, tape, and more may prove to be lifesavers.

Check offerings by Standing Stones Expeditions that does product demonstrations, media production, and hosts overland adventure events in North America  as well as local "caffeine and Jeeps" usually on Saturday mornings for Dodge and Jeep owners who love to take their vehicles off road. Their weekly social events and meetups are free and are often family-friendly.

Professionals in the outdoor industry develop trip planning, preparation, and training for off road trips to exciting places. They locate open lands and arrange for lodging, food, other reputable vendors, trail guides, and more. They also connect you with certified and professional installers and dealers  to get your vehicle appropriately modified. They are partners with qualified instructors of nationwide companies to offer training for the proper use of  modified  or stock vehicles, safe driving, and first aid.

Contact Standing Stones Expeditions for more details, to have any of your questions answered, and to make arrangements for their services.

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