Fun Facts About Salmon Fishing In Alaska

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Salmon which is caught in Alaska is renowned for having a uniquely delicious taste. This may be because of the ultra-clean waters which lay just off the coast in which they are caught. There are a lot of fun facts abounding about Salmon caught during Seward Alaska fishing trips. Here are just a few!

1. The age range of a salmon can last from three to eight years. The age of the salmon itself has no bearing on the taste of the fish. No matter what age they are always delicious!

2. Salmon is easily one of the healthiest fish to consume on the planet. It is filled with Omega-3 fatty acids which have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of heart disease in those who eat it. Salmon also contains plentiful amounts of Vitamin B12, selenium, and potassium. All of these vitamins and minerals make it incredibly easy to enjoy your meal and stay healthy doing it.

3. The Alaskan Salmon is only capable of spawning once. Generally speaking, the male will die right after he mates and the female will perish right after she lays her eggs in coastal reeds.

4. Salmon have far better vision than do humans. In fact, they have eyes that let them see in 300 degrees. This means they can see in every direction other than directly behind them. This can make actually catching an Alaskan Salmon rather difficult because it is virtually impossible to sneak up on one. Of course, that is part of the adventure!

5. Salmon are incredibly adept at adapting to their watery environment. For instance, Alaskan salmon are born in fresh water but eventually migrate to the salt waters of the ocean where they go on to live life and eventually spawn.

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