Plana’s Pantry in Highway Hills, Mandaluyong

Plana’s Pantry is a Filipino-Western cuisine located in Barangay Highway Hills, Mandaluyong infront of California Garden Square. It’s a 5 minutes walk from our Mandaluyong Office. This restaurant is small in size but big in food servings. You will see below how big the portions for the price we pay! Its nicely decorated with funnyRead more

The 5 Most Famous Restaurants in the Baltic Islands

The Baltic Islands offer a variety of food menus for the traveller, which have been influenced by the many cultures that inhabit the islands. Some of the restaurants there are gaining good reputations thanks to the Internet that enables reviewers to post their thoughts. All of these restaurants have had good reviews from people whoRead more

4 Tasty Foods from the Baltic Islands

The Baltic Travel Company offer great value trips to all the countries in the Baltic Sea. The Baltic islands include islands belonging to Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania. It is the world’s largest archipelago, or land mass of islands. The local cuisine is often based on fish served in many different formsRead more

Fabulous Dining at Disney

If you love theme parks but don’t exactly look forward to theme park fast food, there are plenty of other options. Theme park fast food; burgers, fries, and pizza can seem completely boring and unappetizing after a while. You might also be concerned about the nutrition value you’re getting. But you don’t have to liveRead more